About us


TDP Number : 120234703758

SIUP : 503/0779/Mkr/I/2013



founded in 2011, we do a deep Research & Development to Create a Unique, User Friendly, High Tech Vending Machine.


Our Brand is “yipu yipu” (步), means step by step.

The philosophy is we always believe that every process in our Life’s need to take step by step. 


We believe that we are not the first company create such vending machine.

But we can ensure that, we design & build this vending machine based on “local wisdom” (kearifan lokal) in Indonesia.


We are doing from A to Z,

Keep Research & Development, Evaluate Consumer Satisfaction & Needs, keep improving in Vending Machine System Area, do much more of efficiency in business daily operation, Examine which beverages deliver the best of results, and many more.



a short video about yipu yipu Vending Machine History, what have we done and what are we going to do next: