About us

Who we are ?

founded in 2011, we do a deep Research & Development to Create a Unique, User Friendly, High Tech Vending Machine.

Our Brand is “yipu yipu” (步), means step by step.

The philosophy is we always believe that every process in our Life’s need to take step by step.

We believe that we are not the first company create such vending machine.

But we can ensure that, we design & build this vending machine based on “local wisdom” (kearifan lokal) in Indonesia.


Yes, we keep growing. At 2015, we developed a New Product, we called it Smart Water Station – SWS™

We are excited with this new product because we can give some small positive impact to the World ! Yes, we are deliver value to promote Green Life Style and Reduce Plastic !

In 2018, we are going to Re – Branding our self from yipu yipu Vending Machine become : yipu yipu


Our Competitive Advantage :

Research & Development, Research & Development, Research & Development, Yes, only that !


What are we going to do NEXT ?

Our Journey this several years have give us much of Feedback & Evaluation.

We keep challenges our OLD Self become a NEW one, we keep asking how we can give the Best Contribution to the Society.

We keep research what actually People & Society need most, so we can make & deliver some kind of  “Product & Service” which can make their life better.


There are some Strange Social Phenomenon that make us need to think more deeply :

1. Almost all the people in the planet wish to be Happy, but seems lost to find “The Way” to attain Happiness (we are part of them)

2. Violence, radicalism, Terrorism

3. Conflict & Dispute between human beings, Community, and State.


Yes, Globally we have many diversity, like : Identity, Nationality, Ethnic, Belief, Culture, Religion, etc.

Also each of us, represent as a Human or as a State, naturally have much difference between each other : Strong-Weak, High-Low, Beauty-Ugly, Rich-Poor, Well Educated-Not Educated, Success-Failure, Prosperity-Poverty, etc.


But, since we are same, as a human beings which naturally pursue for happy life,

that’s mean there should be a Way, we can live together, love each other, help each other, support each other, understand each other, and live in Harmony.

Even we have so much different, but our Human Spirit is Same.


so what are we going to do next ?

Well,  we hope we can promote this Positive Vibe about Humanity around the World ! One day, All of us, can understand each other. One World, One Family.

We are going to attempt an Effective & Efficient Way to solve this problem, and make our World Better.


we have find the WHY. Now, next is HOW ?
That’s why we are passionately to do some R & D, to find the HOW.


If we have the same passion, Let’s do it together, We are Sincerely looking forward for your Response !